NASC is encouraging your school to donate to the victims and schools damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Below you'll find two links: The Texas Association of Student Councils and the Houston Food Bank.  

The Texas Association of Student Councils lists its schools by district throughout the state of Texas. Your council can donate money to a school of your choosing. NASC encourages you to research a bit before you donate, and use the information provided by TASC.

While the Red Cross is always a good place to send money because it can mobilize quickly to provide supplies and relief, the Houston Food Bank is in the heart of the disaster and will remain until Houston recovers. It stretches your donations in ways unimaginable. 

Houston Food Bank

It's estimated student councils help contribute an equivalent of $26,000 annually through service projects. A small donation to help NASC promote leadership, community service, and charitible acts can make a substantial difference in our communities. So won't you take a moment to help NASC continue to help Learn to lead and Lead to learn? By making a quick online donation, your donation will help get training to those who want it most - students and advisers who will  make a difference in your communities. Your donation will also help those students, advisers, and schools get the recognition they deserve.

Email NASC at for information and tax deduction information and make your donation today.